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About Us

Wendy Wicks, SMM-C, founded TLC Senior Move Experts out of a desire to help seniors with the daunting tasks associated with the moving process. Having moved 15 times, she has a keen understanding of both the physical and emotional aspects of a move. In addition to her own moves, Wendy coordinated her mother’s move from her home in Florida to an assisted living community in Massachusetts. With a masters degree in counseling. Wendy can assist clients during the moving process to minimize stress. Her problem solving skills, along with her organizational and people skills make the moving  experience as successful and stress-free as possible.

Wendy is a nationally certified senior move manager (SMM-C), a designation awarded by the National Association of Senior Move Managers.
“Moving 15 times has made me particularly sensitive to the emotional as well as physical aspects of moving.”



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What our clients are saying about TLC Senior Move Experts:

“I certainly didn’t think we would have everything arranged, moved, organized and cleaned up within a week’s time - but you proved it could be done!  I would highly recommend Wendy with four gold starts!” - Karen F.

"Wendy handled everything so smoothly as if this was all second nature to her, from the initial phone call all the way to the move.  Wendy relieved me of one of the greatest burdens ever faced.  I couldn’t be happier and am so relieved to have found Wendy at a time so vital in my parents’ lives.”  - Andrew S.

"I cannot speak highly enough of the services Wendy provided. What would have been a monumental task became very manageable.  She worked tirelessly.  Nothing appeared to be a problem - ask and it was done.  She’s cheerful, personable and a pleasure to work with.” - John B.

”You have been a blessing.  My mom was very grateful for your help and I was so glad to have an expert”
 - Jody H.

“It was such a pleasure to have you guide us through the move-in process.  You took a lot of stress out of it.  Not that we are contemplating another move but if we had to, we would use the services of TLC Senior Move Experts again.” - Frieda H.

“Shortly after returning home from rehab I needed help decluttering my home.  Thanks to Wendy and her organizational skills, she made my home safer so I can stay here comfortably for many hears to come.” - Helen G.

“Last year I found my husband and I needed to move to a retirement community because of my husband’s health.  We were living in a very large house with a large barn which had become filled after many years of marriage.  Wendy came to our rescue.  She spent many hours helping me with packing, using her professional expertise.  I hope this is our last move but if not I would ask Wendy for help again.” - Suzanne M.

“When I prepared to downsize from my home of 37 years, I was totally overwhelmed.  Wendy offered to guide me through every part of the moving process.  I highly recommend TLC Senior Move Experts.  Wendy plans, executes and follows through, always with a smile on her face.” - Barbara S.

National Association of Senior Move Managers   SMM-C  NASMM Certified

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